Driven By Vision, Grounded By Science

DGel Sciences Inc develops the right tools to quickly detect bad stuff.

The Problem

Every year millions of people are sickened just because of microbial contamination of food and water. And a good number of these people die from such exposure. As such, food and water safety are an important part of everyday life. This includes not only industry but also the family home (as contaminated foods are found in the home and surfaces (such as counters and dishes) need to be thoroughly cleaned). It has been estimated that by 2020, $1.5 billion will be spent, per year, on the detection of microbes and/or their byproducts (toxins).

Marketplace Targets

DGel Sciences Inc product line is targeting three very large markets that represent both the commercial and domestic interests:

  • water (surface and tap water),
  • agri-food market (industrial processing of food), and
  • cleanliness of surfaces (example, kitchen counters, home and restaurant).

Developing Technology Is What We Do Best.